10 days of London to Copenhagen to Malmo to Amsterdam for under 300 EUR

Monday, December 21, 2015

                                                                                                                                              Image found on flikr 

So crazy I know, I couldn't believe it either after I added everything up. 

My best friend from America is coming to visit me tomorrow from Naples, Florida (where we met) and we decided on a kick ass Christmas extravaganza that costs a total of 300 euros. We're flying from London to Copenhagen, taking a train and a ferry from Copenhagen around Sweden and staying in Malmo and then finally coming back to Copenhagen and flying from there to Amsterdam for five days. 

**Disclaimer** We will definitely spend more on booze, Christmas presents, etc. but for the sake of simple math I say 300 euros. 

So how did we do it? FRIENDS and HOSTELS! We are staying in a hostel for 4 nights in Copenhagen called the Generator Hostel and it cost us 98 Euros each. We're staying in an Air Bnb location in Malmo that cost us a whopping 18 euros each for one night and then staying in Amsterdam with a friend for the remaining five nights. For accomodation, our total costs came to 116 euros. 

Here's a break down of flights and where we found them: 

(skyscanner.com)                             London -----Copenhagen  69 euros 
(Around the Sound ferry)                  Copenhagen ---------Malmo  28 euros
(KLM.com)                                       Copenhagen ----------Amsterdam 79 euros 

Flights total:          174 euros 
Accommodation:    116 euros 
Bus transfers:         10 euros 

Total:                        300 euros 

Whaaa? That's right suckas- 300 euros. Of course, I would't have been able to do this without my fabulous boyfriend's friend letting us stay in their Amsterdam apartment while they travel to Valencia for Christmas. It worked out perfectly. So off we go tomorrow, wish us luck! 

More updates to come! 

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