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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Everyone loves the idea of a vacation- am I right?

But theres a minority of us, that hate to plan that vacation. I mean, I get a little itchy thinking about how much research it would take me to plan a 4-6 day vacation, from the flights to the accomodation to the activities while I'm there.... I'm actually exhausted typing about it.

In comes my new favourite way to travel: The concept is simple. You pay for a complete surprise trip. I didn't want to spend over 250 euros, so picked the number of days I wanted to go away and choose the "Broke Mediterranean Trip" option, and left the rest up to them.

So the back story is that I was sitting at my desk on Facebook one day thinking about how much I just needed to be sitting on a beach somewhere.
I was so exasperated, I said any beach would do.

As my little fingers kept scrolling, I came across a nicely placed ad for (great job Facebook algorithms). Four clicks and a credit card entry and I had booked a four day vacation to some unknown Mediterranean location in 3 weeks.
The initial adrenaline rush was enough to sustain me for two weeks and just as I was about to get antsy, sent me the weather report from my mystery location.

The day came and I was on my way to the airport with my bags packed and no idea where I was going. I sat down in the lobby and pulled out my key to scratch my scratchcard I received in the mail one week prior.
I was headed to......

Nice, France!

Almost everything was already planned for me, including check in at the airport and my hostel accomodations. I stayed in Hotel Ozz in Nice which was a wonderful surprise in itself that included free breakfast and was within walking distance of the Nice train station. While there, I was able to see one of my favorite football legends play, Mario Baotelli for OGC Nice in their home stadium. I'll never forget the joy I felt just being there seeing my favorite players playing in their home stadium and how it made me want to get back on the pitch myself.

On my 4 day excursion, I explored the beaches of Nice, the casinos of Monaco, and the delicacies of the French Riviera but most importantly spent a lot of alone time enjoying my own company and not stressing about a planned vacation where I had things I was supposed to be doing and places I had planned to explore. Everything I did on my trip was a happy unplanned accident.

Would I do it again?

Heck yeah I would.
The French Riviera was a wonderful destination for to send me to with lots to do, 29 degrees and sun everyday. I would almost dare say my trip was perfect.

My trip was a rejuvenating and stress free time that really brought back some life into my everyday routine. The adrenaline jolt of jumping into the unknown is something everyone should do at least once in their life.

If anyone is looking to do a trip in the near future, I'm happy to share tips! I love the company motto, "You'll go where you're meant to go" and that couldn't be more true in my case.

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